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This album was written entirely from other people's ideas. Boreas had a Kickstarter campaign to support their 2011 West Coast tour, one of the things was you could commission a song for $30 about anything you wanted, and so here are all those songs. Click on the titles for lyrics and a brief explanation.

The last song of this type didn't make it in time for this album. Check it out (it is a "single"):


released February 23, 2012


all rights reserved



Boreas Tucson, Arizona

Boreas was a classically-trained rock band with lush vocal harmonies, a fierce DIY streak and a willingness to plunge into a wide range of musical styles. Described by local radio station KXCI as “baroque pop,” their music resounds with echoes of the Beach Boys, Animal Collective, Paul Simon, Radiohead and Steve Reich. ... more

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Track Name: Ripple
(Ripple, ripple)
I read of a place in the threatening pit of the sea
So drowned in the curtain of water that light can not reach
Ten thousand years of darkness
Ten thousand times ten thousand
I know a darkness too

And I read the silent black caves are not empty or still
But filled with pale fishes and creatures too weird to describe
No need for eyes to see
No need to pierce the darkness
Their home is in the darkness

There is life in the air, there is life in the bottomless sea
And in the world's darkness the thought is a comfort to me
There's life where light does not reach
There's life where light does not reach
There's life where light does not reach
That's something to hold onto.
Track Name: Sælige gyrele
ſǣliȝe ȝyrele
ðæt ſƿāt þū þe tȳndeſt
for lufe mid mē
ðæt bið hālig þinȝ.

mē lyſteð þīn blusc on mē
nelette mē tō cumenne nēar þē.

(O blessed child,
that life-blood which you lost
in a covenant with me:
that is a holy matter.
Your gaze on me delights me;
do not hinder me from coming nearer to you.)

O ſely gyrl, þyn eyȝe a tere ſwettynge,
Þy loues for me ben vere holy þynges.
I luſte þat þu bluſche on me,
Ne lett me to comen near to þe.

(O helpless girl-child, your eye exuding a tear,
Your kindnesses to me are truly virtuous things.
I delight that you would blushingly look at me.
Prevent me not from becoming close with you.)

Silly girl -
Your sweat I can almost taste.
Your love for me is too holy a thing.
I lust for you when you blush for me.
Don't let me come near you.
Track Name: Skin
I don't need your skin,
I just want to wrap myself in your laughter
And in the eye-sparkle coming after
To see my heart's twin;

To sit and smell the air,
Drink together the impossible night
And in the stillness before the greying light
Be still with you there.
Track Name: Class I Group 3 Experience Pitch 106º Altitude 0
Rex tremendæ, rex tremens
In reverse fade, you are heaven
A cone, an ellipse
I can taste your lips

I forget you less each day
Filling up my hollows with your grace
My waking dream
I know you'll come to me
In flesh, from memory
Track Name: So It Must Be True
On the day that I met you,
Thinkin' ah, she writes such stories!
And I found out you'd already written one for me.

When we kissed in the backyard,
I was chaste, you had no patience for that
But God, you're worth falling for.

I hear you're telepathic
So it must be true.
I hear you're tailed by the CIA
So it must be true, so it must be true.

Every day, looking at you
Thinkin' I can't believe she still likes me,
With a face like Spanish-Texan royalty.

You're sublime, intellectual,
You're a girl who does her taxes!
You're the one I'd call if I ever needed somebody to kick some ass for me!

I hear you believe in true love
So it must be true.
I hear you're just the one for me
So it must be you, so it must be true, so it (etc.)
Track Name: Uncle Michael
Uncle Michael
(x 103)
Track Name: Capybara, No
Capybara, no
Those aren't your cupcakes.
(but I want them.)

Capybara, no
Don't make that mistake.
(but I need them.)

Capybara, no
It's your friend's birthday.
(but I need them.)