Hymns and Lies

by Boreas

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HYMNS AND LIES, Boreas's first album, was completed in late 2008. For the band, it was the endeavor that defined them as they presently are -- literally -- as they took even the name "Boreas" from an early working title of a song on the album.

Hymns and Lies was recorded entirely on home equipment in a slew of locations around the band's hometown of Tucson. Drums were recorded underneath traffic underpasses and in bathrooms; vocal takes from the catwalk of an abandoned concert hall; songs from around kitchen tables and in classrooms accessed stealthily by night -- and, of course, in the proverbial garage. Mixed in Chicago by performance artist and musician Theo Karon, the album resonates with a raw energy sustained and counterpoised by the band's obsessive attention to detail.


released August 15, 2008


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Boreas Tucson, Arizona

Boreas was a classically-trained rock band with lush vocal harmonies, a fierce DIY streak and a willingness to plunge into a wide range of musical styles. Described by local radio station KXCI as “baroque pop,” their music resounds with echoes of the Beach Boys, Animal Collective, Paul Simon, Radiohead and Steve Reich. ... more

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Track Name: Ravine
Follow me, my sister; follow me, my brother
No one else can find us if we're careful not to tell.

Take me back from under - I don't like this hideout.
Let's go home and come back when it's not so cold outside.

Wait, where are you going? Wait, why are you leaving?
In the river I can hear our parents grieving.
Why are you not listening? When have I betrayed you?
Tell me you've forgiven - no, you said you did before!

Carry me, my father - carry me, my mother -
I can go no farther - lift me on your shoulders -
Track Name: Remona
Counting streetlight constellations
But I'm too weak to follow
Silent midnight promises forgotten by tomorrow.

O, Remona! Remember me!

Looking out through asphalt miles
Remona stands behind me.
With a remote control mind she smiles
And kills all that confined me.

O, Remona! Remember me!
Track Name: Rain
Turning on the road again, driving in the rain
Sharing lies and drinking gin - never not the same.
Lying in your arms, my eyes are empty as my head
But I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be instead.

When I close my eyes, I see nothing there
Turn out the light, my room is still grey
Tell me there's something shining alive
I can't remember the way it was, yesterday.

I am all aflame again, shaking in my skin
Something mine has shaken out - something's creeping in.

I'm not the same as I am;
I'm a freak; call me Ichabod.
There dances the sound of the rain, shot with brandywine,
Transparent and blind like the sun.

Cheer me up and tie me down - deliver me from sin.
Both of us forget the lies we've long been living in.
Heaven help me, darling, I've forgotten my way home.
All the roads remain the same; I remain alone.

But if you belong here, I might as well!
If I can be stronger, who can tell?
Show me there's something shining alive
I can't regain the way it was, yesterday.

Tell me now, and tell me well, if you can see my face.
I've sewn my eyes together now - my mirror is a waste
With silver hands, transparent mind, I see whatever's there.
I see you walk the other way. It's good of you to care.

I'm closing my eyes, love, like you've closed your own.
I'm paying the price with every breath!
Show me there's something OUT of here.
I can't regain the way it was, yesterday.
Track Name: Muddy Lullaby
I saw you Monday in your simple dress
and the wind was lost and tossed your hair around.
I heard a song then - you couldn't hear,
and that muddy lullaby was all I ever found.

They called you darling, they took you in,
And your eyes were prisms casting rainbows on them all.
I heard you laughing, an empty noise
And I looked into your face and there was nothing there.

Along the river, they found you there.
You were beautiful, your hair spread on the ground.
I thought you laughed then - I strained to hear
But the listening air was heavy with a gentle sound
And that muddy lullaby was all I ever found.
Track Name: Mexican Magical Realism
Follow me anywhere, out around
There is a shelter beneath the sound
You will find it to your taste.
And in the scene, in the eyes of it,
While you careen across the skies above it,
Let the moonlight kiss your face.

It's the drive, it's the black air,
Running wild fingers through your hair,
Blowing through your porous skin.
And as we cut our way through the rain,
Shatter the glass lines, part the chains,
Don't stop now - we're in!

Leave your loose skin and chalk bones
And we'll go farther down than Mexico
Put the crust of us behind.
And in the middle of the road below us,
Let the current of the tar corrode us,
Watch our bodies, slow, unwind.

So dissolve inside the blinding gale!
Your shards behind you a bitter trail -
Bless the rest of us and fly!
Terrible noises erupt, decay -
Terrible pressure as walls give way!
Tell me what it's like to die!
Track Name: The Sport of Birds
When I get home, I don't want to know a girl anymore, or anybody.

My Siberian tiger... says "Hello, mate!" Aheh heh heh...

You can't do better than that! Love an animal, and you love an animal for life. A woman or a fella, well, not-- not necessarily.
Track Name: Hymns and Lies
Nobody wanted the sun to rise.
The air was heavy with hymns and lies.
My sister lays in bed and does not cry.
My mind is gone, and Brahms is on the radio.

Today I walked alone from school
It seems like someone should have thought things through
Before they found a boy that no one knew
Out on the field. They sent a letter home with us.

No one had anything to say
When her eyes became a sightless blue
She turns and silently I walk away
I think she knew. But she won't need me anyway.
Track Name: Taos Hum
Through your window I see the lights of downtown.
It nods at our questions with a low, lonely sound.
I have something to say, but there's no silence to break.
The vicious vibrations are always awake
And your door is closing.

Take yourself away, don't look back at me
Just trust I'll stay.

The night city hums with a low, lonely sound
That ripples in my head from the sky and from the ground.
I don't remember my dreams, but I think I know yours.
I see bright buildings climb the clouds to the stars,
And you're there spinning slowly.

Wide-eyed fields of air hold your image high
I trust you're there!
Track Name: (taos hum)
I have something to say.
Track Name: Pretty Mouth And Green My Eyes
Slowly all my thoughts receding
Sliding up the varnished ceiling
If you want to join
Spider dancing on a coin.

Operatic, marred by illness
What became of all this stillness?
I misplaced my watch
And time took me down a notch.

Celibate and worn with hunger
Hardwaremen and ironmongers
Down to kneeling sworn
Doormen sleeping, yet unborn

Celibate and worn with seeming
Two legs limping, varnished ceiling
Let me be your son
I will bear you as time runs.
Track Name: Tired Eyes
Caught up wind of northern shore
With your heart against the stone
Miles from wondering, still life dreaming
And all crying bones.

Time will tell your tired eyes.

O still is our night
The sun's a brilliant shade
Let these waves part before
I die before this blade.

Time will tell your tired eyes.

Susie says calm your mind
With smiles hid in black
Can't you hear your lover sigh
With her lips on your back?

Time will tell your tired eyes.